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Angel Blessings--A Million Angel Blessings to You!

A Million Blessings For You!


Angel Blessings-Angel Blessings Collectible Angel Bill

Same Size and Feel as U.S. Currency

A Heavenly Gift! Comes with a beautiful presentation card, which you can personalize.

Angel Blessings-we believe in angels! his treasured keepsake will bring you the joy of a million blessings for years to come. Printed by the old fashioned lithographic process on specially milled currency paper, this museum quality bill features Jean Bernard's "Angel of Fortune" with Raphael's famous cheribum on the reverse. (Click here to see). Breathtakingly beautiful, it is the same size and feel as U.S. currency. Much more than a greeting card, each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, its own handsome presentation folder, and is protected by a removable mylar cover for years of safekeeping. Click here to order.

Don't miss your chance to own this exciting work of art.

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Angel Blessings One Million Angel Blessings bill guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100 percent satisfied with the One Million
Angel Blessings Bill, your money will be cheerfully returned. No questions.

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